For personal Pilates and Barre workout training we mainly cover the Central and SW London areas. However should you have an inquiry for other areas, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can take it from there.

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“Pilates has allowed me to be focused on my appearance and my health in ways that are not abusive or critical.” Kerry Washington

Everybody loves pancakes. Here is yummy and gluten-free version from american nutritional therapist Laura Kraber, one of the Be Well health coach of the Eleven center wellness in New York.






  • 3 large eggs
  • 3/4 cup brown rice flour
  • 1/4 cup almond flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tbsp butter ( grass fed)
  • dash of vanilla
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 tbsp honey (optional)


Beat the eggs thoroughly; gradually add both flours until a thick paste is formed. Slowly mix in the milk and melted butter. Add the vanilla, salt, and honey, if using. Beat until all the lumps are gone and let rest for a few minutes while you heat a small pat of butter in the pan. Holding the pan at an angle, pour a small amount of batter into the hot pan and swirl to coat into a thin layer. When slightly browned, flip and cook on the other side.

“No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal.” Marilyn Ferguson

I have to confess that I have a sweet tooth, so I am always on the look out for new, healthy but delicious, sweet treats.I recently tried this light, almost raw, nut free panna cotta recipe. A total delight for the senses!

Here is the recipe, that I found on one of my favorite website for all things that relates to natural health

raw-panna-cotta (1)

Prep Time: 15 min. | Serves


  1. can coconut cream, 400 ml
  2. 2 tablespoons agar-agar powder
  3. 1/4 vanilla bean
  4. 1/2 cup honey or agave
  5. 1cup blackberries and rasperries 
  6. a pinch of salt


1. Heat 8 tablespoons water and agar-agar*, bring it to a boil and simmer for 1-2 minutes*
2. Combine the coconut creme, the sweetener**, agar and vanilla in the blender and mix until puffy and creamy
3. Pour some of the fruits in the cups and add the creme on top
4. Chill in the fridge for couple of hours
5. Garnish with the rest of the fruits and serve cold.

For the decoration

1. Heat 12 teaspoons water and 3 teaspoons agar-agar
2. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 1-2 minutes
3. Remove from the heat, add the sweetener and mix well
4. Place one fruit in each mini cupcake wrapper and pour the mixture on top
5. Chill for couple of hours, remove the paper wrapper and decorate the cups with the jelly.

Notes: Agar-agar needs to be heated to unlock it’s binding power. Use 4 tablespoons of water for each tablespoon agar-agar. Don’t heat the coconut creme or it will change it’s color from white to light brown.
**If you are using hardened raw honey, add it first to the warm water and agar to melt it a little bit and mix well, then add the rest of the ingredients.

Barre Workout

Barre Workout is the hottest fitness trend coming from US. Endorsed by many celebrities of the calibre of Madonna, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Barre Workout combines Pilates, Ballet and Yoga moves, that will sculpt and streamline your whole body.

It will make you sweat and the pounds will come off, toning your legs, lifting your bum without adding bulk.It is taught only by few teachers here in London,  but it has reached an huge popularity in America, with devotees “touring” different Barre Workout classes, and then discussing them on dedicated websites.

You can get tailored, private Barre Workout in London at .

Booty time

I know it is still freezing cold, but spring will be here in a matter of weeks. Soon you will be longing for warmer cities and far away places, but before you start packing up your sarongs and feminine dresses, ask yourself: is your body ready for the beach or the thought of wearing a bikini is filling you with apprehension?

Now is the right time to start looking after yourself, and think about those areas neglected for too long. Ballet barre workout will lift your bum, streamline your legs for a long, lean body like a ballet dancer.

Try ballet barre fitness with

Summer is now here, and even if you are stuck  in the city like me,  you  can take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days,  to kick start some healthy habits, that are going to stay with you for the rest of the year.

Aim at eating at least a third of raw food in your diet. Heat destroys most vitamins and alter the chemical structure of fat. Only eating raw fruits, vegetable and vegetable oils, you can maintain intact the whole range of vitamins, micro nutrients and good fats.


Healty Living


Enjoy the daylight.Reap the benefits of the longer summery days, and bask in the daylight that will naturally boost your metabolism.

Spend time outdoor. Whether it  is a walk in the park, a trip to a seaside resort, or simply a nice stroll after a meal out, spending time outdoor will naturally make you wanting to move more. Whether is walking your dog, or play with your children in the park, just le t your body enjoy the movement.

Ditch  the the caffeine.  You won’t need to go cold turkey, but if have done some of the above, chances are, that you will have much more energy, and will need less stimulants. And if you do drink coffee, go for versions that have no or little milk. They are simply easier to digest.

Enjoy your skin. During the warmer days of the year, we naturally tend to expose more skin. Summer time, will give you a chance of just taking care of your skin a little bit more. Brushing, ex-foliating, moisturise,  you don’t need a routine like a supermodel, but just few, good, basic, regular  actions to pamper and nourish your skin.

Walk more.  Let the summer be the time of the year, when you finally start spend less time sitting on the couch, bus, car and walk your a bit of your way to work!



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