Lifestyle consultation

Have you ever been confused with all this fitness and nutrition fads, and uncertain of what best route to choose for your fitness and wellbeing?
Maybe a lifestyle consultation is what you need.

How it works: you may be asked to fill in a 3 days food diary and keep note of your sleeping and exercise habits for a week. We will have a talk through to analyse your lifestyle and fitness and wellbeing goals, and will be entitled to two emails replies. For ongoing support, tailored packages are available.

Wellness coaching

Pilates Wellness – Lifestyle consultation and nutrition advice


Introductory Offer

Lifestyle consultation ( up to an hour) £ 50

Follow up appointments £ 30 ( 30 min)

For my Pilates clients, Lifestyle Coaching is available at the same Pilates rate. Please contact me at info@pilates for more information and bookings.


My 6 rules for a healthier diet

Lemons and olives

I get asked all the time, how do you eat in a healthy way? As I was explaining in a recent blog post,  finding that balance it is not easy.

These are 6 rules that work for me.

  1. Eat the most wholesome, close to nature, seasonal food.
  2. Keep my blood sugar level steady, to avoid insulin rush and cravings.
  3. Eat something raw everyday. Most of the nutrients of vegetables, fats and fruits are better without heat.
  4. Love your colours. Eating food that have different colours, will ensure a good variety of nutrients.
  5. Don’t overload. Whether is coffee, carbs or fats, don’t over do it.
  6. Have an off day. Whether is a lots of soups or smoothies and little else, having a day or two when you “detox” your body, will help to give a rest your digestive system.

You can also have a look at my previous blog post

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Pilates Offer 20% OFF

We are now offering a 20% OFF for mornings and lunchtime bookings in selected areas of London:

Holland Park, West Kensington, Kensington, South Kensington, Fulham. Please get in touch for more details.

Here are the PRICES:

Trial class £ 50 ( save £ 20)

Block of 5  £ 260 ( save £ 65)

Block of 10 £ 480 ( save £ 120)

Great opportunity if you need more specialized Pilates sessions, for example if you are post-natal or have any injuries, or simply want the convenience to train without the waste of time of commuting.

Pilates at home

Pilates Wellness – Pilates at home in London

Training on a one to one basis will make the workout more effective, as I can choose the exercise that are better for your posture type, and your fitness goals.

You can also visit our main website Pilates Wellness for more information on what we do.


My best exercise for the gluteals muscles, aka your bottom

I am always a bit wary of posting exercise or exercise instruction on here as I very much prefer to have the person in front of me and do an injury assessment before hand.

However with the party season just behind us and with most people than ever sitting down most of the day, a good workout for our gluteals muscles is a must. They tend to switch off if we sit for long hours, so we need to train them more than ever.

The problem with the gluteals muscles is that they are actually a group of muscles going in different direction ( scientifically talking the “attacchment” and the “insertion” ) so in order to tone them you really need to train then from different angles.

The exercise below though, whilst being a fairly simple exercise, the foam roller provides further challenge.

Bridge with mini-ball on foam roller

  • Set up.Lay on you back in the semisupine position, feet on foam roller. Keep the spine long and shoulders relaxed. Place 9 or 7 inches overball between you knees. Inhale and as you exhale gently hug the ball withing your knees, as you inhale gently realease.

Phase 1

  • Instructions As you exhale start lenghtening through your pubic bone and articulate the spine up to your shoulder blades keep hugging the ball within your knees. Keeps ribs below your hipbones. Stay a full breath, and on the exhale, press into your heels and roll the spine down on to the mat.

Phase 2 

  • Instructions. As you exhale start lenghtening through your pubic bone and articulate the spine up to your shoulder blades. Keeps ribs below your hipbones. Stay for up to 8 breaths, hugging the ball withing your knees on the exhale, and release on the exhale. Roll the spine back down to your mat.

Counter stretch.

Bring your knees into your chest, to stretch the lower back.


Happy New Year and Pilates Offer

Happy New Year to everybody!

Life is full of possibilities, but we need to make wise choices. Investing in your health and wellbeing is certainly one of those.

To help you make the choice of health and wellbeing, we have extended our Pilates super offer on all our Pilates at home and Pilates in the workplace classes until the 16th January.

  • Trial class £ 50 ( save £ 20)
  • Block of 5 £ 250 (save £ 75)
  • Block of 10 £ 480 (save £ 120)



We will be launching our nutritional service soon, and we have been busy in the kitchen whizzing up some seriously delicious and healthy recipes (we think).

Here are some of our smoothies recipes that we have published on our new food blog Lemons and Olives that we have tried recently and are perfect to recharge after the party season..

If would like more info about Pilates or Nutrition Advice , please feel free to contact me at


Pilates for runners part 1

Running is an amazing activity that brings a wealth of health benefits. Running helps release adrenaline, and provides an excellent training for our cardio-vascular system.

Runners often experience issues though, ranging from lower back pain, hip and knees problems, to tendon issues and hamstring injuries.Runners 2

Let’s face it, going for a run in the park may be perceived as a bit of a shock for our bodies after hours spent contracted in an unnatural position in front our computers, or commuting on trains and cars.

When we sit for many hours, our hip flexors muscles (which include our quads) tightens, while our glutes (the muscles around hips and sit bones) become weaker. This often cause the pelvis to tilt forward, which can not only bring misalignment but also lower back pain.

In the meantime the hamstrings which are forced to be in this unnatural position (i.e not moving), tend to become tight, and this is further enhanced by that shift of the pelvis described above.

The relationship between the muscles around the hip (your glutes) and your hip flexors is crucial to avoid injuries and enhance you running potential and performance.

Pilates will help strengthen the glutes and rebalance the muscles around the hips, freeing up your hamstrings.

In our next article we will explain more about the roles of our feet, why they are so crucial for our aligment and how they can cause problems further up into the Kinetic chain.

To book Pilates for runners sessions please visit

The author. Claudia Armani is a Pilates Instructor based in London. She is passionate about promoting health and wellness, in a way that is approchable and jargon free. To book a session with Claudia, please click here.

Lime and coconut drink

It’s official. England is having a heatwave and under this scorching sun, the best wellness advise I can give you is to stay hydrated. Simple water is a must, but when you are in the heat, you will also have to keep an eye on replenishing those elecrolytes.

Lime and coconut water

Lime and coconut water

This refreshing and delicious drink will do just that thanks to both coconut water and lime and lemon juice. The mint, maple syrup and Perrier water will give a more interesting flavour, making the drink perfect for a summer party or for a pre-dinner healthy mojito aperitif. 1 jug ( 500ml)

  • 250 ml raw cocunut water
  • 250 ml St. Pellegrino or Perrier water
  • 2-3 limes
  • 1 lemon
  • Fresh mint for the infusion and garnish
  • a dash of maple syrup ( optional)

Pour the water in the jug, with the juice of the agrumes, mint, maple syrup, and ice. Serve and enjoy!