Pilates for runners part 1

Running is an amazing activity that brings a wealth of health benefits. Running helps release adrenaline, and provides an excellent training for our cardio-vascular system.

Runners often experience issues though, ranging from lower back pain, hip and knees problems, to tendon issues and hamstring injuries.Runners 2

Let’s face it, going for a run in the park may be perceived as a bit of a shock for our bodies after hours spent contracted in an unnatural position in front our computers, or commuting on trains and cars.

When we sit for many hours, our hip flexors muscles (which include our quads) tightens, while our glutes (the muscles around hips and sit bones) become weaker. This often cause the pelvis to tilt forward, which can not only bring misalignment but also lower back pain.

In the meantime the hamstrings which are forced to be in this unnatural position (i.e not moving), tend to become tight, and this is further enhanced by that shift of the pelvis described above.

The relationship between the muscles around the hip (your glutes) and your hip flexors is crucial to avoid injuries and enhance you running potential and performance.

Pilates will help strengthen the glutes and rebalance the muscles around the hips, freeing up your hamstrings.

In our next article we will explain more about the roles of our feet, why they are so crucial for our aligment and how they can cause problems further up into the Kinetic chain.

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The author. Claudia Armani is a Pilates Instructor based in London. She is passionate about promoting health and wellness, in a way that is approchable and jargon free. To book a session with Claudia, please click here.

Lime and coconut drink

It’s official. England is having a heatwave and under this scorching sun, the best wellness advise I can give you is to stay hydrated. Simple water is a must, but when you are in the heat, you will also have to keep an eye on replenishing those elecrolytes.

Lime and coconut water

Lime and coconut water

This refreshing and delicious drink will do just that thanks to both coconut water and lime and lemon juice. The mint, maple syrup and Perrier water will give a more interesting flavour, making the drink perfect for a summer party or for a pre-dinner healthy mojito aperitif. 1 jug ( 500ml)

  • 250 ml raw cocunut water
  • 250 ml St. Pellegrino or Perrier water
  • 2-3 limes
  • 1 lemon
  • Fresh mint for the infusion and garnish
  • a dash of maple syrup ( optional)

Pour the water in the jug, with the juice of the agrumes, mint, maple syrup, and ice. Serve and enjoy!

Radicchio, anchovies, and eggs salad

Rich in proteins, omega 3 and folates, this fresh and zesty salad will help your body detox and will provide an amazing array of nutrients.imageIngredients ( 1 person)

  • Few anchiovies fillets
  • 2 eggs
  • a quarter of a chicory
  • some wild rocket leaves
  • few radicchio leaves
  • 4 radishes
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • a dash of lemon
  • wholegrain organic mustard

Wash the vegetables, chop the salad leaves roughly and put them in bowl. Add the radishes finely sliced, anchovies fillets cut in small pieces, and the boild eggs ( I like to keep the yolk a bit soft). Make a vinagrette with the oil, lemon and mustard and serve.

The author. Claudia Armani is a Pilates Instructor based in London. She is passionate about promoting health and wellness, in a way that is approchable and jargon free. She  To book a Pilates or lifestyle coaching session with Claudia, please click here.

Pilates for posture

With many of us sitting daily for hours in front of  a desk, exercises to improve posture are becoming one of the most frequent requests for us Pilates teachers.

And whilst it is always a good idea to avoid immobility for long period of time, even if that means to leave your desk and stand up for only few minutes, specific Pilates exercises, can help a great deal to restore a good postural alignment and ban those rounded shoulders.

The Swan Dive is a Classical Pilates exercise, that requires a good ability of the spine to extend, control, core activation and coordination, and it is generally deemed to advanced for the ordinary student to practice.

Here is a preparatory exercise for the Swan Dive, that will strenghen the muscles in the upper shoulders and get you familiar with the idea of “lenghtening the spine” wich is fundamental in back extensions to avoid generating too much pressure on the lower ( lumbar) vertebrae of the spine.

Here is a video of a mentor of mine Joanna Cobbe, who used to be the principle tutor at the Pilates institute. Enjoy watching her beautiful and precise instruction!

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Pilates Wellness. Pilates at home in London

Pilates Wellness. Pilates at home in London

Warm greens salad

Spring is now here, and so it is a wider choice of delicious green vegetables. Here is a simple, but nutritious salad that you can use as side for fish and meat, or on its own for a light dinner. This simple seasoning of apple cider vinegar and olive oil, will also be useful to maintain an healthy gut, and will provide a good balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Ingredients (serves 2-3)

  • a bunch of asparagus
  • a cup of fresh peas
  • a packet french beans
  • apple cider vinegar (organic)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • a teaspoon of raw honey
  • wholegrain mustard
  • sea salt to season

Wash and prepare the vegetables and steam them for a few minutes. Remember to keep the vegetables crunchy, so it is important not to overcook, both for taste and to maintain nutritional value. Prepare the seasoning with the apple cider vinegar, honey, extra-virgin olive oil and mustard, mix it up, pour it on the vegetables and serve. Leftover from this salad can be used as an healthy lunch box for next day, like in our quinoa and spring vegetable salad.

Detox pumpkin and ginger soup

I created this soup last winter, to help myself fight one of those colds that really didn’t want to go away. And I have say that the soup really helped. Rich in antioxidants and anti-imflammatory thanks to the ginger and tumeric, this soup is really easy to make and can also be useful to finish off those Halloween pumpkins leftover!

Detox pumpkins soup

  • a small slice of pumpkin
  • 2 carrots
  • a medium onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • a small piece of ginger ( peeled and grated)
  • 1/2 organic stock cube ( kalo)
  • Cumin seeds
  • a tiny sliced piece of red chili
  • a dash of turmeric
  • a small sprig of thyme

Peel, wash and chop all the vegetable, put them in a pot with all the spices. Add water, bring to boil and then let it simmer for 20-30 min. Puree, serve!

5 surprisingly things that can hamper your weight loss

1. You diet too much. Yes, that’s right. Most “calories restricted” diets, will only crash your metabolism, making it all too easy to pile on the pounds as soon as you stop them. The reason behind that, is that your body will “adapt” to survive with less, considerably slowing down your metabolic rate.
2. You don’t eat healthy fat. You need fat to metabolize fat. So in order to “burn” those extra fat cells deposits, you will need a small amount of “good” fats. Fats are essential for important cellular functions, you cannot deprive yourself from them. They also help to give your skin some glow and help prevent wrinkle formation. On top of that, “fat free” food are bound to be laced with sugars and artificial flavorings to make them more appealing to the your taste buds.
3. You don’t sleep enough. Research have shown that lack of sleep has a negative impact on our overall state of health. Prolonged lack of sleep have been linked to anxiety, depression and even cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Lack of sleep will increase the production of the stress hormone “cortisol” which research has shown to be a key player in storing fat around the waistline.
4. You do too much cardio.  Whilst cardiovascular activity is necessary both for health and weight loss, too much can be counterproductive. On the contrary strength training has been proven effective in helping burn more calories even post-workout. Building lean muscle is crucial in speeding up our metabolism, therefore to loose weight. A combination of both cardiovascular and strength training seems to be the most effective with regards of weight loss.
5. You worry too much. Too much stress can have a negative effect on both our mental and  physical wellbeing. Cortisol will help storing fats, especially around our waistline.
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Weight Loss
The author. Claudia Armani is a Pilates Instructor based in London. She is passionate about promoting health and wellness, in a way that is approchable and jargon free. To book a session with Claudia, please click here.